Saturday, August 05, 2006

Karaoke and Crazy Drivers

So yesterday I had a meeting for school. It was nice getting to meet all the people that I will be working with although the meeting went a little slow. It was all about analyzing the data that we get from testing and adjusting our curriculum to make sure they are learning what they need for the tests. It go to go out for lunch at this great little place in Riverside called Simple Simons, Great sandwiches.

Thankfully after sitting on my butt for 8 hours at a meeting I was able to sit for another hour and a half in traffic while driving to Long Beach. That was alright minus the people who kept having broken down cars in the centerlane of the highway. In the end I got to Long Beach and Adam, Kelly, Melissa and I made dinner, a wonderful Veggie BBQ. Although I must say that I didn't have any luck with the plantains. If you have any idea how to cook those let me know.

We ended up going out to the Liquid Lounge for Karaoke. It was really fun we sang all night. Although I must say that Bar karaoke has one major flaw, the drunken idiots who can't sing. Although there is no way around that.

So my fun driving didn't end there, no infact the best was yet to come when driving on 91 some idiot really far in front of me decided to do something stupid making an entire line of traffic moving at 75mph slam on their breaks so that they won't rear end each other. In the end I was between two pick up trucks. The one in front fish tailing, similar to what I was doing, and the one behind driving up next to me so he wouldn't hit me. It was so much fun! I love California drivers!

Oh well I made it home alright.


Blogger CJ said...

The only way I know to cook plantains is by frying them. Not sure if that's something you're interested in or not.

4:13 PM  

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