Sunday, August 13, 2006

Brithday Fun

So as you know tis not my birthday, but it was Clarissa's. So since we don't really know any people here except for some aquaintences we have made through school, we decided that we would try justing doing lots of fun stuff. We started out by going to the Riverside Human Society. I am the proud new mommy of a little jack russel terrier named Orion. Although we didn't get him today since he had something wrong with his ear and they wanted to take him to the vet today. So I will be getting him on Tuesday when they open again. Then we endedup driving to Newport Beach with Molly (Clarissa's dog) and wandering around the beach. We took her down to the ocean and she ran from the water and started barking, so we went back to walk around on the walkway. It was really nice minus the insane parking. Although we are thinking it would be great sometime to rent one of the house right on the beach with a group of people. So we went back to Riverside for some dinner. We found the best little Japanesse Steak House and Sushi Bar. Clarissa had never had Sushi or had gone to a Hibachi Grill. So we had a great time, we had a wonderful chef who was just amazing to watch and we all caught the pieces of shrimp that he tossed with his spatula. Right now we are watching Molly chase her tail. Did you know that dogs actually do that???


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