Sunday, August 13, 2006

Brithday Fun

So as you know tis not my birthday, but it was Clarissa's. So since we don't really know any people here except for some aquaintences we have made through school, we decided that we would try justing doing lots of fun stuff. We started out by going to the Riverside Human Society. I am the proud new mommy of a little jack russel terrier named Orion. Although we didn't get him today since he had something wrong with his ear and they wanted to take him to the vet today. So I will be getting him on Tuesday when they open again. Then we endedup driving to Newport Beach with Molly (Clarissa's dog) and wandering around the beach. We took her down to the ocean and she ran from the water and started barking, so we went back to walk around on the walkway. It was really nice minus the insane parking. Although we are thinking it would be great sometime to rent one of the house right on the beach with a group of people. So we went back to Riverside for some dinner. We found the best little Japanesse Steak House and Sushi Bar. Clarissa had never had Sushi or had gone to a Hibachi Grill. So we had a great time, we had a wonderful chef who was just amazing to watch and we all caught the pieces of shrimp that he tossed with his spatula. Right now we are watching Molly chase her tail. Did you know that dogs actually do that???

Monday, August 07, 2006


So I was sitting at a meeting today, a wonderful time... nothing like 8 hour meetings to get you pumped about starting school in one week. :) Well so anyways we had this wonderful story that got everyone a little bugged and I thought it odd since they all skirted the issue that seemed most important to me. So the story goes like this.

Once there was a wolf who was nearly dead with hunger. He was very thin, so thin that the outline of his bones could be seen clearly beneath his thinning coat of hair. With hardly enough energy to walk, the wolf had little hope of finding food. As he lay beneath a large tree, a dog out for a walk noticed him. Seeing how thin and hungry-looking the wolf was, the dog felt sorry for him and said, "You are in terrible shape! You look as if you haven't eaten for many days."

"You're right," said the wolf. "I haven't eaten because you and your friends are doing such a good job of guarding the sheep. Now I am so weak that I have little hope of finding food. i think I shall surely die."

"Then why not join us?" asked the dog. "I work regularly and I eat regularly. You could do the same. I will arrange it. You can help me and the other dogs guard the sheep. In that way, we won't have to worry about your stealing the sheep any more and you won't have to worry about going hungry any more. It's a good deal for both of us."

The wolf thought it over for a few minutes and then decided that the dog was right. So they went off together toward the ranch house where the dog lived. But, as they were walking, the wolf noticed that the hair on a certain part of the dog's neck was very thin. He was curious about this, for the dog had such a beautiful coast everywhere else. Finally, he asked the dog about it.

"Oh, don't worry about that," said the dog. "It's the place where the collar rubs on my neck when my master chains me up at night."

"Chained up!" cried the wolf. "Do you mean that you are chained up at night? If I come to live with you, I will be chained up at night too?"

"That's right," answered the dog. "But you'll get used to it soon enough. I hardly think about it anymore."

"But, if I am chained up, then I won't be able to walk when I want to take a walk or run where I want to run," the wolf said. "If I come to live with you, I won't be free anymore." After saying this the wolf turned and began to run away.

The dog called after the wolf saying, "Wait! Come back! I may not be able to do everything I want to do, but I'm healthy, well-fed, and I have a warm place to sleep. You are too worried about keeping alive to enjoy life. I'm more free than you are."

----- From Learning About Law, Published by the Ohio State Bar Association.

So We are asked which we think is free. So it starts right away that everyone says the wolf, oh it's the wolf the dog is just a slave... this goes on and on as people fight which is more free. I kept trying to get in a word, but no one would let me speak... I know it's amazing. So finally the group's presenter says ok this woman has been waiting for so long to say something let her speak. So having my turn I say what about Mazlow. I know that each of them should know about the hierarchy of needs, especially when working with lower income kids. So I say the wolf can't every really be free because it will never be able to overcome those three basic needs that it would need to have to truly be able to enjoy freedom. It has no food and must search, it has no shelter, so it must search and it has no companions as it seems so it must search. Until these three basic things can met the wolf can't enjoy freedom. On the other hand the dog isn't much better off. While it has fulfilled the basic needs of any being, it is held captive not only by the expectations of the master, but also by the job that it is expected to do. So truthfully neither can say that they have any sort of freedom. That seemed to stop the conversation as a few people made remarks in agreement. The odd part was that I had three people afterward tell me that they had all wanted to say that but that they were overpowered by a few louder people. I'm not sure if I should be concerned about this, but I feel like at our school of lower income and poverty students, the concept of Maslow should be readily known and understood. Especially since it is often the basis of many of the things we have to overcome when working with our students. I guess I am still stumped as to what to think, does anyone have any input to give on the issue? I guess I'm just starting to think in circles now.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Karaoke and Crazy Drivers

So yesterday I had a meeting for school. It was nice getting to meet all the people that I will be working with although the meeting went a little slow. It was all about analyzing the data that we get from testing and adjusting our curriculum to make sure they are learning what they need for the tests. It go to go out for lunch at this great little place in Riverside called Simple Simons, Great sandwiches.

Thankfully after sitting on my butt for 8 hours at a meeting I was able to sit for another hour and a half in traffic while driving to Long Beach. That was alright minus the people who kept having broken down cars in the centerlane of the highway. In the end I got to Long Beach and Adam, Kelly, Melissa and I made dinner, a wonderful Veggie BBQ. Although I must say that I didn't have any luck with the plantains. If you have any idea how to cook those let me know.

We ended up going out to the Liquid Lounge for Karaoke. It was really fun we sang all night. Although I must say that Bar karaoke has one major flaw, the drunken idiots who can't sing. Although there is no way around that.

So my fun driving didn't end there, no infact the best was yet to come when driving on 91 some idiot really far in front of me decided to do something stupid making an entire line of traffic moving at 75mph slam on their breaks so that they won't rear end each other. In the end I was between two pick up trucks. The one in front fish tailing, similar to what I was doing, and the one behind driving up next to me so he wouldn't hit me. It was so much fun! I love California drivers!

Oh well I made it home alright.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Night Swimming

I've discoverd the greatest pleasure of living in CA. Swimming at night. I had planned to go during the daytime and relax under the sun, but things kept coming up and for some reason I wasn't able to go. So this evening Clarissa, her mom and I all went down to go swimming and sit in the hot tub. Oh it was heavenly. There was a light breeze in the night air that you could really sense as you ran between the hot tub and pool. It was decided tonight that this should be how we spend each and every night while we live here.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Free TV

So my roommate and I set up the TV and DVD player today, very exciting. Once we did that we decided to see if we coudl pick anything up, especially since we don't have any television account set up. Well during out time going through it seems that we have a number of stations on your television. We were let down today when we discovered that Riverside, without warning as it seemed, didn't have their Farmer's Market today. I'm very distraught. Oh and I guess there was an earth quake this morning... really small and I slept through it. Seems like I am living up to family standards. Sleep through all Earth Quakes.