Monday, July 31, 2006

New Roomie

So my Roommate is destined to arrive tomorrow, with her mother. It should be great, I will finally have SOMEONE in Riverside that I know. If it weren't for my AIM obsessed friends I think I might have really gone mad. As it was i cleaned the apartment that I have only lived in for two weeks, what can I say it seemed important, but there wasn't much to clean. The other fun part of new roomie is that she brings with the memory of a boyfriend in MN who did one of three things, 1) Broke up with her, 2) Said he wanted to be on a break, or 3) Has decided to stay with her. No matter which of these options excist I have a feeling I will be hearing a great deal about this. This evening I decided fig Newmans. blueberries, mangos and a couple bottles of wine will help. So what that I broke them in just a little prematurely, I bought extra.


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