Thursday, July 27, 2006

Farmer's Market and Downtown Riverside

So I passed my drivers test missing those oh so important questions about carseats and children... Oh well. I don't care for either so neither matter much in my mind. So this was the last of those tasks I needed to complete to become a resident of California. It seems like the heat wave here is breaking if only a small amount. I was actually able to stand outside without the urge to explode from heat.

Last night after it started to cool down I decided to go down to the local farmers market only to find there was only one farmer, who did have excellent produce, but many street vendors and musicians. The down town had an almost magical flair as people wandered happliy in and out of the merchant areas, buying polish sausages and ears of corn along with shaved ice for their children. I think I might just like it here. Although I do have yet to find a non starbucks coffee shop. With all my hopes and ambitions I pray I find one soon since it was starting to feel a bit too big box chain store for me. I think I might have found one and will be setting out for there in just a short while.


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