Sunday, July 30, 2006

Clerks II

So deciding I couldn't sit around all day I decided I should go out for a chai and read. After listening to a long conversation that a former navy person had with some friends about cigarettes i decided to leave. Although first I must say this, that man was an ass. The entire converstaion he was talking about how people who bum cigarettes off people are greedy and lazy. Now I can't say much on that matter since I don't smoke, but he continued from there to talk about friends of his who would ask him for cigarettes and he would tell them things like, "Why should I support your habbit just because you can't save your money to buy cigarettes?" Now again this might be one thing if a friend of yours never has cigarettes but he made the statement following how this guy had cigarettes everyday but didn't have them on day and asked for one and he told him no. I couldn't help but find the person totally arrogant. Now this was outside where there was three men and then me drinking coffee and tea, I was across the patio. If he was trying to impress his friends, at which I didn't believe he was very successful since they weren't talking just listening, he was talking too loudly. If he was trying to impress me, which I hate to think because that just seems arrogant on my own part, I don't know why he would choose to tell that story. Well moral of that ramage is don't try to impress others by acting like an ass, even if it is your nature.

Regardless I felt the relaxation of the moment was dead so I packed up and headed over to the movie theater thinking I might be able to salvage the evening. Well having seen Pirates - a lovely setup - the only other movie there that looked possibly good was Clerks Two. I wonder if it is a sign of the downfall of society when we are reduced to creating sequils. Oh well, the movie was alright. It had it's moments, like any Kevin Smith movie, moments of humor that are almost overboard. It had all the loveable characters, although it threw in a love story. Now not the botched up comical romances of Chasing Amy or Clerks, but a semi sappy romance. It wasn't funny, just kinda sad. It wasn't terrible by any means, very fun and there were moments when you just had to laugh, but then many parts where you just weren't sure why they were there. My favorite part had to have been when they made the LOTR fan vomit. Perhaps that's just because i can imagine friends getting to that point.

Well I believe this is the end of my rant, good evening all.


Blogger CJ said...

I haven't seen Clarks 2 yet, and having read your short review, now I still want to see it.

Yeah, not really any point there, just wanted to comment.

Good to hear that things aren't going horrible for you out there.

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