Wednesday, July 26, 2006

California Heat

California Heat
Current mood: hopeful

Ah ha, another day in the extreme heat of California. I had to spend most of yesterday in a meeting for my new job. That's always fun especially when they end it saying now you owe us 68 for fingerprinting... Oh and 6 for this test, and finally 55 for a new teaching license... whooo yippy. Oh well such is life and soon i will have that license and I won't have to worry about it until five years from now when I have to do most of it all over again. Regardless while I was at this meeting I asked someone where I could pick up a few money orders and they said Stater Bros... something totally foreign to me. So they made fun of me until they realized I was from MN. Then they said aren't you glad you are out of that cold weather... I told them I would trade anything for some cold weather. Oh well.

I have to go and get a new driver's license today, wish me luck on the test, only 32 questions. It should be really easy. Especially since I have been sucessfully driving here for a week with an MN license. Although I have been sitting around my apartment today with nothing to do while I wait for the appointment at 2:45. Well at least it's getting closer to that time of day.

So I just have to wait for Friday when I have to drive back to Long Beach for Kelly's Party. It shouldn't be too bad at least I am going against the traffic and I will have a friend of her's in the car so the hour should pass a little faster. Although I did get a laugh since Kelly is insisting that my brother can't be in their apartment for the party so we have decided it is his responsibility to change my oil since I can't do that at my apartment and he can. Oh well it should be fun despite the drive.


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