Thursday, March 16, 2006

Snow Day. . . Again

Well to the excitement of another snowday! This is two this week and one half day... I think I am being spoiled with all of the paid freetime. Who cares that I have to make it up at the end of the semester since this means that I will be able to accomplish things without students... Yippy! Although I did discover that the hourly people at our school aren't able to use their sick days to cover these days off, instead they just don't get paid, which I think is a little silly. Oh well. I went and bought a new pair of rockin hot pants. I mean these pants just look great on me. They are even low rise and look good. I was amazed and it was totally worth the $50 I paid for them... hey that is alot for me for any who might comment on this.

Oh well.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Always good to find a box of goodies

So I was at work tonight and was delighted to find a box of goodies. I suppose this requires some back story. So here it is. In my classroom I have 9 iMacs, one doesn't work and then one powerbook G3... only three of these computers work on OS X and they haven't been updated to OS10.2 so I have been just going crazy over the fact that these computers are so outdated and that they keep crashing because OS 9 was just bad and crashes with great regularity. So that being said I was going through the computers today cleaning them off as I need to do frequently so that they don't crash every day. During this time I come across this box, it seemed like an odd little box that didn't belong so I grabbed it and read one side, it stated "SAVE MAC UPDATES". So with the excitement of a christian child on Christmas I opened the box to find 6 copies of OS 10 update sets and 6 sets of OS 10.2 updates. I was elated! I imediately started the process of updating all these computers, so far three are ready to go with at least OS 10 installed and one has OS 10.2. I was giddy to say the least, and I still am over this box of goodies. I've decided that I adore goodie boxes and should try to find them on more regular ocassions. Anyone is able to help with this and store goodie boxes in places that I can find them!